NSS Engineer Kabul

  • AWCC (Afghan Wireless Communication Company)
  • 1,Great Massoud Avenue,Khwaja Rawash,Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Oct 09, 2017
  • Oct 21, 2017
Full time Telecommunications

Job Description

Job Description:

Main Responsibilities

Perform routine O&M tasks on the R4 MSS & MGW.

2. R4 MSS/MGW, operation, support, implementation, troubleshooting

3. R4 MSS/MGW daily health checks analysis and reports.

4. Generating MSS/MGW daily Report.

5. Taking care of Cases opened with vendor (Huawei).

6. Monitoring and analysing all Logs from HEDEX.

7. Response to any complaint related to MSS/MGW from other teams (especially NOC provisioning team)

8. Monitoring and Handling the Network Alarms of all MSS/MGW Core entities (Deployed NWD)

9. Timely intimation to concerned teams about the service outages to handle customer complaints and work with other related departments.

10. Level-1 / Level-II O&M of MSS/MGW.

12. Execution of work orders with appropriate procedures.

13. International calls issue and subscribers’ complaints handling reported through feedback team.

14. Pro-active measures for upcoming possible network risks.

15. Implementation of network changes through proper change control system.

16. MSS/MGW Databases Audit for removal of Data corruptions.

17. Perform O&M support tasks on the MSS/MGW platforms.

18. Ensure that the SS7 interface between network elements connected to the BSC/RNC/STP/SBC are functioning fault-free and without congestion at all times -Ensure that trouble tickets are generated for MSS/MGW related faults and incidents and that the concern teams are kept informed of such.

 BSC/RNC/STP/SBC related faults and incidents and that the concern teams are kept informed of such.

19. Identify and troubleshoot any SS7 signalling compatibility issues between the network nodes.

20. Participate in test and fault investigation activities of related nodes.

21. Participate in CRQ and upgrade/enhancement activities as required by Customer Switch Manager/ Operations Director. -Ensure that regular Backups are taken for all elements.

22. Keep adequate documentation of all CRQ’s and upgrades executed on the live system.

23. Extract Performance Data, Management Reports and Alarm logs for delivery to the teams that need them.

25. Ensure that regular Backups are taken for all entities elements and logs.



About Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC):

AWCC is the first and biggest GSM Operator of Afghanistan. For more info please visit: www.afghan-wireless.com

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

Qualifications and Experiences:

Must have Bachelor degree in computer engineering or computer science and it is better if he/she has some experience in telecommunications.


Desirable Attributes:

Please provide other details about the incumbent of the position. Make sure that the attributes should be measured.



Vacancy Number

NSS Engineer Kabul

No. Of Jobs






Years of Experience

2 Years



Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline:

The interested candidates should submit their resume by email to:


Kindly mention the position title in the subject line of your e-mail. AWCC regrettably cannot respond to individual queries in relation to job or on the status of individual applications due to high numbers of applicants. If you have not been contacted within 2 weeks after the closing date, then please assume that your application has not been successful.

Submission Email

Submission Email