Project Manager

  • International Medical Corps
  • Kunar River, Afghanistan
  • Oct 09, 2017
  • Oct 19, 2017
Full time

Job Description

Job Description:

Project Management for Emergency Preparedness & Response in Eastern Afghanistan program.

Specific Duties:
• Conduct disaster hazard mapping and stakeholder analysis
• Implement emergency preparedness training activities and work as a lead trainer on the subject
• Provide operational support and build capacity of national staff and Government officials
• Conduct disaster preparedness/awareness campaigns
• Prepare emergency response mobilization criteria
• Conduct joint post-disaster needs assessments
• Implement provision of relief materials
• Coordination of activities
General Duties
• Work closely with Program Manager to ensure that the objectives of all projects are attained efficiently in accordance with the approved budget and timelines.
• Assist the Program Manager for effective and efficient implementation of the project in accordance with the approved contract, LFA and work plan
• Assist with Program Manager to oversee the financial management of the project budget, its timely and effective utilization
• To ensure that program implementation plans are developed on a regular
basis and agreed with staff and provide support to implement the plans in the field
in conjunction with other team members plan.
• Support the Program Manager to develop procurement plan and execute it in line with the IMC and OFDA’s procurement policies and guidelines
• Prepare and submit monthly and quarterly narrative reports and updates on the EPRA activities including reports on trainings, assessments and responses, and recovery projects.
• To provide management support to project staff based on project activities and ensure accountability and quality standards are applied to the program at all stages.
• Maintain close and good relations with all relevant stakeholders including UN organizations, local authorities, line ministries, donors, NGOs, INGOs and other partners
• Closely monitor project activities and provide timely and proper feedback and show the alternative to achieve efficient project goal and objectives
• Proactively identify implementation delays and challenges and work with Program Manager in developing and ensuring the delivery of corrective actions.
• Coordinate the execution and collection of needs assessments
• Support Program Manager in the oversight of program quality through regular field visits
• Liaise with government and civil society organization on disaster risk reduction and response activities on a regular basis
• Support and advise NGOs/Government/Civil Society on emergency preparedness planning e.g. assist in establishment of provincial emergency teams, and integration of humanitarian considerations within government/NGOs/Civil Society strategic planning, programming and program support functions.
• Organize trainings, seminars and workshops in close collaboration with the government and other actors – distribute agenda, invite participants, distribute outcomes and all other logistics
• Identify gaps/challenges in provincial and district disaster management and response mechanisms and advocate for solutions.
• Facilitate government/donor/civil society visits to field
• Assist ANDMA/OCHA and UNAMA through line manager in establishing policy and procedure on emergency assessments – data collection and maintenance, summarization, and distribution to all stakeholders.
• Ensure that all program resources are used with the highest degree of stewardship.
• Coordinate the recruitment of all staff based in area of responsibility, ensuring that orientation is made available in the short term, as well as long-term performance management support.
• Lead the process of performance evaluations development, ensuring through close collaboration with Program Managers that they are conducted on time.
• Liaise closely with the targeted NGO staff and district/village-level representatives to ensure proper coordination and effective capacity building in key areas of emergency preparedness and response (including TOTs on hazard mapping, rapid needs assessments, situation reports, program planning, standardized protocols for emergency surge support, set-up and monitoring of NFI kit distribution, etc.);
• Ensure that the emergency response activities and related logistic and admin support are well integrated within the base setup in close coordination with field teams of implementing partners
• Ensure the daily management and coordination of field teams, co-define action plan, setup regular and fixed coordination meetings, conduct individual follow-up meetings with each implementing partner
• Provide individual support whenever is require
• Ensure the coherence among all staff
• Organize field visits on a regular basis
• Inform Emergency response officer and other stakeholders of any relevant issue related to the project implementation
• Ensure a monthly follow up of the projects action plan indicators;
• Define and develop guidelines and methodologies for assessments and assessments reports
• Produce and disseminate assessment reports according to developed formats
• Establish and train assessment teams
• Proactively coordinate and work with other actors on the ground  and ensure proper communications schemes with the different levels of local authorities
• Coordinate emergency response needs with support departments (Admin & Logistics)
• Finalize the recruitment and set up the training of the operational team
• Support in collaboration with the Program Manager  the proposal making
• Regularly Monitor all assigned district to oversee and ensure timely implementation of all planned EPRA activities, and submit reports to the EPRA Program Manager in Jalalabad regarding accomplishments achieved during visits.
IMC Representation
• Attend Provincial Disaster Management Committee  (PDMC)/ANDMA meetings  with or on behalf of the Program Manager
• Attend and participate in coordination meetings at the regional levels that are relevant to IMC’s disaster management programs in Afghanistan
• Represent the organization at UN cluster meetings, task force meetings, assessment missions, coordination meetings, and partnership meetings on a regular basis;
• Plan and communicate project activities effectively and precisely with all stakeholders to safeguard the reputation and long-term strategy of the organization at all times; and
• Contribute to the creation of a positive image and long-term credibility of the organization, notably through the high technical quality of the program and consistent application of the organization’s Code of Conduct, international standards for disaster response, internationally recognized humanitarian principles, and international law with regard to internal and external actors in conflict settings.
Human Resources Management
• Supervise relevant Project staff ( EPR officers & Field officers, Training coordinator & Trainers, M&E & Communication officers, Logistic staff ,Engineering  staff , security and support staff), to ensure smooth and effective operations and their professional development as appropriate;
• Assist in the selection and training of qualified program staff and recommend promotions, disciplinary action and termination of staff in consultation with senior Management
• -Ensure compliance with all local labor laws including working hours;
• Maintain open lines of communications with all field staff. And Senior Management.
• Apply IMC policies in a fair and consistent manner, documenting decisions properly and ensuring a positive sense of teamwork and shared responsibility among all program staff.
Working Relationships 
• Maintain frequent and pro-active communication with Program Manager, Country office  representative(s), and ANDMA representative(s) to report on implementation of program activities and objectives, operational needs or constraints, program successes, and any seen or unforeseen challenges that are encountered during program implementation;
• Work with Logistics staff to ensure that the procurement and movement of programs supplies are within budgeted targets and coordinated with all relevant departments;
• Attend weekly internal coordination meetings relevant to country activities; and Interface with national government and relevant agencies as necessary.
. Safety and Security
• Model good practice in safety and security at all times, complying with all IMC internal security policies regarding movement restrictions, obtaining necessary authorization before beginning any travels, and following personal security best practices;
• Ensure application and compliance of security protocols and policies by all subordinate staff, document any security incidents experienced during program implementation, and disseminate security warnings or announcements to program field teams as appropriate;
• Oversee and manage the security guard workforce at IMC field locations especially during emergency operations.



About (IMC) International Medical Corps:

International Medical Corps (IMC) is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief programs. IMC is carrying out medical relief services in several provinces of Afghanistan.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

• University degree required.
• At least 3 years’ experience in relevant field in governmental or non-governmental organizations.
• Expertise in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint Excel and internet is required.
• Good communication skills and strong local language correspondence skill.
• Fluently English, Dari and Pashtu speaking /writing skills are required.
• Ability to write logical, clear and concise reports.

Important Point: You will be asked to travel or can be deployed in anywhere within the program area to perform services. There may be some insecure areas where you may need to travel and perform the activity without any argument. Delays due to insecurity will not be accepted.

Vacancy Number

0058/2017 IMC

No. Of Jobs




Years of Experience

3 years





Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline:

You are kindly requested to submit a complete written Application and Resume   through email or in sealed envelope (marked "Confidential") and indicate the vacancy Announcement Name and Number with Contact Address or Telephone Number to HR/Administration on the following Addresses:

Jalalabad Office: Angoor Bagh square, 1st Street (Rahim Ghamzada street)  beside Alokozai Store Sector#2, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar/ Afghanistan..

      Mobil #  0786 83 00 83

    Email: mtanha@InternationalMedicalCorps.Org

Only those candidates will be called for interview who meets the qualification and requirements for the mentioned position.

Kindly indicate VA number and Title in subject of your e –mail and please note that applications with a different subject will be ignored.

Important Point: To ensure an open, transparent staff selection process pleases Certify in your application form that I have no relative or personal relationship with International Medical Corps employees if yes, please disclose the Name, Position and Relation, otherwise your CV will be not considered for shortlist

Submission Email

Submission Email